Monday, February 27, 2012

Looking more like a girl..

Mama.. Finally I'm wearing girly clothes!!
How do I look?

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Thank you everyone for attending Isadora's full month celebration today!!

Low family
Ray, Connie, Isadore n Isadora

Friday, February 24, 2012

Like a boss..

Jus look at the way she sleeps!
No worries, I didn't use flash.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sneak preview..

This is the personalised card of Dora's full month that will be attached to the cake.

Whether you are invited or not.. We thank you for your well wishes in advance :) she is indeed a very blessed girl. N not forgetting thank God for taking care of us, esp me for my smooth n short delivery.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ms Pinu is 8 days old..

And her umbilical cord stump dropped!!
Hey mama! I'm a girl! Why did u dressed me in blue??

Dora's first week at home..

Sunday, February 05, 2012

4 days old..

Isa in 2007 n Dora in 2012.

Spot the similarities?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Birth Story.. #2

As this is not my first pregnancy, I somewhat know what to anticipate for the arrival of this lil one. I started my ML (Maternity Leave) from the 16th Jan, when I was in my 37 weeks, thinking and hoping that this lil one will arrive a tad earlier due to gynae's estimation for her weight.
But alas she did not. I waited and we waited. But she did not arrive. We even celebrated Isadore's birthday in school on the 16th and thereafter had another mini celebration for his birthday on 24th but she still kept us waiting. Isadore even asked, "I am already 5, why is pinu not out yet?" It was a long wait till 30th Jan.

On an average, when a baby starts moving in mummy's body, they should move on an average 20 times per day. Can be anything more or less but definitely cannot be less than 10 times. I learnt about this fact when my gynae taught me how to do the fetal chart movement. So on this very day, after sending Isadore to school, I knew something was not right by evening time as this lil girl barely moved 5 times that day. I called ah lao around 5pm, updated him what he happened and he got immediately activated to come back from work to fetch me to hospital for a check. I called the hospital too and they also told me to go down for a check. So to play safe, we brought the hospital bag and also packed Isadore's tons of pillows in a trolley bag (in case we need to send him to my parent's place to stay over).

Upon reaching the hospital, the nurse checked and told me that I was 1 cm dilated. Talked to the gynae and he said "we shall forward the induction program to tonight". At 8.30pm, the prostin was inserted. This is the sign. Isadora will arrive soon..

At around 9pm, my contractions came. I called ah lao, who was sending my parents and Isadore back to Jurong, that I NEED him to come back right after sending them. I knew she will come soon.

Ah Lao reached around 10pm. The contractions were more regular. I lost count of the regularity as I was trying to distract myself with SMS and social networking. Around this time, the nurse had observed that the lil one's heartbeat will drop a little whenever my contraction came so the nurse asked me to administer the oxygen mask as required. It was helping the lil one but it was not helping me as I was getting very tired from smelling the oxygen. I was getting tired and sleepy but the contractions were keeping me awake.

From midnight to 5am, the contractions were getting really close and intense that I had to hold on to ah lao's hand whenever my contractions came. At around 2.45am, the nurse checked me and told me I was only 4-5cm dilated. I was happy in a way cos I knew at least the cervix was dilating then the contractions continue to come. They were REALLY painful. at 5 am, I finally asked for pain relief. I am not a epi fan so my first choice was the laughing gas. I even rem telling the nurse that I feel the baby was going down the birth passage. But all she could say was, "That good news!" Then deja vu came once I placed the mask over my nose and mouth. I was in and out of consciousness. I suddenly rem how I gave birth to Isadore and beanie. Everything just came back in a flash. I even rem asking ah lao the time when the pain was the most intense. I kept grabbing his hand. I perspired non stop. The time was 5.30am.

I had the urge to push. I pressed the call bell SO quickly that it slipped out of my hands. I continue to hold the mask over my face. I did not even had the energy to tell ah lao.. THE BABY WAS COMING! I thought there was someone professional in front of me but there was none. Ah lao did not even had the time to tell nurse. I was already pushing the baby out by myself as I was holding his hands that tight! He was helpless yet he could not leave. I pushed and I pushed and I PUSHED. He only told me he saw that I was perspiring away and the BP machine was beeping away so as he was cleaning my perspiration, he heard CRIES! It was from Isadora! She was already out! Right in front on my bed without anyone assisting. The time was 6.05am.

Then the whole observation ward got into a frenzy! I could hear hysterical exclamation everywhere as I continue to be in semi sober mode. I was then quickly pushed to the labour ward for my gynae to follow up with me. I was still in huge pain from the pushing but since she was out, crying LOUDLY. I heaved a sigh of relief. I put the mask away and I breath normally. I did not cry.I was smiling at ah lao and he told me, "Pinu is out." I nodded my head then I heard my gynae's voice.

A little commotion continued in my labour ward among the gynae and the nurses. I rested and waited for my gynae to sitch my natural tear. He even joked, "Wah. this girl is so impatient." I smiled and I replied, "Ya." I was not on gas anymore when he was sitching my wound, gynae asked if it was painful. I told him, "She is already out, nothing is more painful than that."

Its a long story but this is it. I have only the Lord to thank for cos I prayed for willpower and perseverance for this birth and He did bless me with them. I am very amazed with myself too. 30min of labour and she came.

I wonder how fast if I have a 3rd one?
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