Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preparing for his big day in school on 16 Jan..

Preparing the goodie bag is generally my fortre. And I ALWAYS like to buy tupperware (say like lunch box or cups..) for kids. Don't ask me why..

It's a steal. The tupperware boxes cost me only 3 for $2.9 from the Value Shop.
The mentos are complimentary from ah lao's workplace *cough* so its FOC.
Inside the pack also include one pack of Hello Panda biscuits and one pack of no-brand choclate and one lollipop.
Total cost of one goodie bag = ?
Make a guess.. :)

We always have a problem with Isa bringing back goodie packs with no names and we had sent out two years of goodies packs without Isa's name too.
Thus this year we learnt our lesson: place a simple note for his friends. Let their parents know who is the box coming from.
In yellow prints were suppose to the words
"Thank You"
but guess my printer is failing me despite changing a fresh set of ink cartridges.

Anyway in the next post will be the photographs for what we took in school on 16 Jan.

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