Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Isadore's 5th birthday in plan..

We had just went to the gynae today and he said Ms Pinu should be able to stay till we celebrate Isadore's birthday on 16th Jan in school! Yay!!
If you know, his actual birthday falls on the 24th Jan but since its over the CNY period and that I am (very) due to give birth soon, we thought it would be safer for us to celebrate his birthday just tad earlier. (Just in case you know..)
And since this year is a special year, with the additional bundle of joy and first year we are celebrating Isadore's birthday in this school, we thought we might as well order a more special cake...

We shall keep you in suspense till that day then!
For now, I am still monitoring Ms Pinu's very closely for her movements and the contractions.

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