Thursday, December 22, 2011

We are going to.. Kids Kampong!

The place where I work at organised an outing to Kids Kampong today and I thought Isa might be interested thus I signed him and Ray up for the day..

As the time slot for the children to enter Kids Kampong is from 12pm, thus there was games being organised for them to play at Pasir Ris Park.

And as I was expecting, I did not go with them. Ray took leave today so to spend time with Isa, besides he is much younger than the children in our centre so I guess its only fair that Ray was there to give him full attention.

That is my cousin with her bf. On her right side are two of our other teachers.

While waiting for time to pass, watching the korkors and jie jies playing games at Pasir Ris Park..
I think Isa is bored.

Here we are!! Kids Kampong!!

The whole event took place from 1pm+ to about 3pm+, poor Isa knocked out only after 430pm when he reached home and had his shower. Guess what time he woke up from his nap?
Wonder how I would survive tonight?

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