Friday, December 02, 2011

To nurture the love..

Nobody said it was easy.. N I did not underestimate it but apparently it is really that difficult to teach a child to loves other one esp knowing this lil one will come n share the attention of your parents. Yes if u know what I am talking about..

It is about teaching and nurturing Isadore to love the lil sister.. It's about also teaching him to be as gracious as Him to love another person who is going to share his love for this whom we called our new bundle of joy.. In less than 2 months' time, she should arrive with His blessings definitely.

And I promise we will do our best to continue to nurture this older child of our with more of His wisdom words n knowledge so that he will teach the lil one about who He is. God's love is so deep n wide. He knows I am worried thus he is allowing me to spend more time with Isadore n also give us more space n time to nurture our love for the lil one.

He knows I am worried as I have been having vivid dreams of my water bag bursting in the middle of the night(I know it is a silly thought) or the other what ifs...

He knows I need more strength now thus He asks me to rest today (with the excuse of an MC) *hiaks.

He also knows that this is a period of life that I needed Him most.. Cos I know He is always there for me whenever I say a prayer..

He never walks out, He never gives up.. He never says no..
Thank you God for giving me strength.. Love.. Perseverance n everything.

Despite my absence in church.

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