Saturday, November 12, 2011

28 weeks.. And still growing..

2006 Nov. Isa inside my tummy at 30 weeks. 42 inches.

2011 Nov. Ms Pinu inside my tummy at 28 weeks. 44.5 inches.

I went to the gynae jus a couple of days ago and guess what? Ms pinu's weight is already estimated at 1.2-1.3kg!!

Isadore's was only at 1.2kg when I was at my 30 weeks when I was expecting him back then.. No wonder gynae said with Ms pinu's development, she should be a bigger baby if compare to korkor.

Oh no..

and did anyone notice that the "shape" of my tummy looks somewhat different in the two pregnancies? Have you ever heard before that if you are expecting a boy, your tummy will be more "sharp" (aka pointy and you would not even look like your pregnant from your back view) and when you are expecting a girl, your tummy will be more "round" (that should explains my "growing" truck)

what say you?

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