Monday, October 31, 2011


In our room with aircon on.. Cheeky monkey said he is cold so here is his "style" to keep himself warm.. Datz my blanket by the way :)
Sori baby.. Guess you have to bear with Mama as I am feeling very hot due to ms pinu inside me.
Love u lots..

Class photo 2011, class Jasmine A..

Hey hey hey

Someone is graduating soon from Nursery class soon which means he is goin to be in Kindergarten One soon..
Wait.. Did someone say Kindergarten One?? U mean my baby is gonna be K1?????

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have a very bad feeling I lost Isadore's health booklet since last June, that's when we moved back from Jurong to Sengkang.

And I actually did already gotten the replacement one from KKH but I am still determined to find back the old one. Pls pray for me that I find it cos it's reli a hassle to get back all the old records that are suppose to be on the health booklet.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Emotional draining..

Did not know the impact of ah Lao being away on an overseas exercise due to work can be so emotionally draining. And guess what.. It's only Day 2.. Out of 17.

It's so bad that I had to wake up like 5 times jus to see or confirm that the bed next to mine was empty..
It's so bad that I had to put on a strong front just to come to work..
It's so bad that I had to grit my teeth n tell my son, "it's ok, papa will come back real soon."
It's that bad..

Thank God for dear friends' n family's support.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When we can't afford Tien Hsia yet..

Jus ystday, I did flash cards shuffle games with Isa while I catch up with my 9pm drama!
Hmm.. Sometime ago I was still worried about Isa's ability to recognise for Chinese characters.. But ystday night he proved me wrong! Wahh.. Out of the 50+ flash cards I have, he is able to recognize about half, which is way above my expectations.

Jus some weeks ago, I was still considering of sending Isa for a mandarin enrichment class next year to drill him in his Mandarin cos apparently I realized that his language skills in English is better than his Mandarin ever since we had a helper since last year. I guess I will still send but perhaps in Term 2 of 2012 since we are expecting my lil one to arrive around early Feb 2012. Oh well, u think u r a KS mum? Think again.

By the way, Tien Hsia is an enrichment centre that is quite famous in Singapore for their academic driven results and the youngest age to enter is around 3yo. Their average sch fees is about $350 for one term equivalent to 12 lessons. Expensive or not, you decide.. :)

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