Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to nurture a enthusiastic reader since young..

I am always proud to say that Isa is a enthusiastic young reader since young. I had started reading to him since he was in my womb. It may seemed to be a bit exaggerated but hey.. I was a preschool teacher then so its just part of my daily job to read to my students then so Isa actually got to benefit since then, do you rem those day Astrid? :D

Footnote: Astrid was my attachment teacher back in 2006. She was heavily preg with her first born Noah and I was expecting Isa. Both of us had a whale of a time eating and chatting abt babies and children whenever my sch children were taking a nap! How time flies! Noah is now 5 and Isa is 4!!

Anyway then I continued reading to Isa when he was as young as 6 mths old with simple flash cards and story books with short stories in both languages. Tough job back then cos due to my change of job, I was simplly running out of print resources.

This whole journey continues even till today. And mainly of Isa's storybooks collections come from this another bestie frd of mine, Christina. She is a beautiful mom of 2 children (now 8 and 10). She is my "main" supplier of passed down toys, clothes and other stuffs for children. And alas she decided to stop at two children otherwise I would have passed those stuff back to her.

Now that I am back into the education line, not only Isa but myself also benefit lots more as recently I printed a whole list of Dolch List words to my printables for Isa to do as a game at home. Not forgetting to give credit to my very hardworking helper at home who is reinforcing positive vibes to Isa and his interest.

So other than the above, I also label Isa's toy boxes in this manner:

Well, here is my humble suggestion of nurturing a enthusiastic reader and good luck to you nurturing yours!

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