Thursday, May 05, 2011

HFMD hit Isa.. again

Not sure if you remember but Isa got hit by the HFMD virus when he was abt 2.5yo.

Anyway here is the 2nd time and which I hope it will be the last.

03 May: I felt something was not right as Isa seemed to be running a low grade fever in the morning at around 615am. I took his temp. Bingo. 37.5'C. Sms school bus aunt not to come fetch him. Sms Manager said I need take child sick leave. Brought him to the doc when he woke up at 11am. Doc gave him 2 days MC and said monitor for another day before bringing back for review. Isa told me he has a ulcer on his tongue. No spots noted for palms and feet.

Thru out the day Isa's appetite does not seemed as good as normal. He seemed more lethargic compared to normal days. Took a long afternoon nap and even slept early that night.

04 May: I went back to work and request to get off work early as I am still covered under child sick leave. I sorta felt lousy as I knew that little fellow at home needs me but somehow I felt obligated to go back to work. Anyway I reach home at around 4pm and brought him to the doc again. This time, blisters were obviously seen on his palms and feet. Doc certified him as a confirmed case of HFMD and requested me to fill up a form for the Ministry. I called Isa's school and report his case. Our frd still had dinner, just half a bowl of porridge with ice water. Wonderful combination isn't it?

05 May: I went back to work again and request to get off work earlier. Ray papa is at home accompanying the lil man. When I gave Ray papa a call at around 1.30pm, our lil frd was crying badly at home. I knew it was Mr Drama at action so I decided to come back as soon as I could but the earliest time I managed to go was 4pm. Darn some stupid person who gave me some stupid task who left before I did. Anyway I called when I left school and since lil brat was taking his afternoon nap, I took the chance to go AMK Central to catch up with my beauty supplies, my dose of bubble tea and also to stock up on my "cooling" tea supplies.

Accordingly to Ray papa, lil brat did not eat much today. He had his morning milk (chilled), abt 3 teaspoons of macaroni and some water, he basically did not eat anything else. I thought I was clever enuf to buy beancurd for Isa but alas! He did not even had more than 3 teaspoons too. Dinner was just another tetra pack of chilled milk and 2 cups of ice chilly water.

Let's see how he is tmr..
Please keep us in your prayers.

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