Sunday, May 08, 2011

HFMD.. contd

06 May:
Isa slept for more than 10 hrs at night for the last few days and on top of that, he also took a close to 2.5 hrs nap which is not normal cos my little frd can usually survive on a total of 10hr sleep routine everyday. Today is pretty much the same. Totally no food intake, just ice cold milk, ice water, ice cream and some yogurt. The ulcers on the tip of the tongue is just so terrible! Seeing them makes my heart ache so much.

07 May:
Slight improvement for today as Isa managed to eat some biscuits with yogurt. Don't ask me why such a combination and he can still take it. Well I just don't bother. So as long as some food can go down his stomach, I am fine. On top of that, he ate some pancake from Prima Deli (squashed and smashed), some bits of bread and some instant pizza. Sounds good?

By the way, his tongue has a bad milk thrust due to no food intake and little brushing of teeth. And there is a weird stench coming out from his mouth.

08 May:
Woke up and managed to brush Isa's teeth. YEAH!
Its coming lunch time. Let's see what he can eat later :D

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