Monday, April 18, 2011

Prayers needed..

If you had not heard abt it, I'm moving on to a new job. N u might go: what, again??

Oh well.. I guess this is not my first as my resume actually reflects that I'm quite a job hopper but I always believes that one should be versatile n resilient to changes.

Anyway I can only I guess this new job will most prob be my last cos im more or less bonded to this new company. Not in terms of contractual bond, rather it's more of a relationship bond as this student care is currently run by my bestie cousin n her bf (or husband to be). thus my level of commitment to this new place will definitely be different! As this new place will be like my new 2nd home, at least for a couple of years before she or I ventures into another centre :) anyway liked i wrote in the title, all I'm asking for your attention is your prayers. I hope you can also help me pray for my good health n success in this new venture. And also my other wish of having another little one in my life.

Thank you!! Have a blessed weekend in advance for Good Friday!!

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