Sunday, March 20, 2011

New school.. confirmed!!

Testing out his new school uniform and taking a decent passport size photo for Isa's new teacher.. Then I realize how challenging it has become..

Picture 1: ok but the alignment is a bit off center.

Picture 2: ok clear and nice.

Picture 3: eyes too small, smile too wide. argh~

Picture 4: ok nice smile but quality of picture a bit blur *laffs*

Picture 5: swinging his arms cos he was very impatient with me already. Complained he was feeling very warm in the uniform cos he has his home clothes underneath his uniform.

Okie: decided on picture 2.
Hi Teacher Eliza from Catholic Kindergarten, please welcome my little terrorist, Isadore, to your class, Jasmine A.
Now let's see how Isadore copes tmr.

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