Monday, March 21, 2011

First day of school.. At 430pm

After a good lunch, shower and nap.. da tah!!

Here is Mr Happy with his blueberry pancake from Prima Deli!

And off we went to Compasspoint!

After a fulfilling teabreak.. we made our way to Kiddy Palace to get a reward for Isa :D as I promised him that I will reward him for being such a goody boy on his first day of sch.

Kiddy Palace followed by the NLB..

And books NEVER fail to amaze this boy..

hmm ok bad habit of putting fingers in his mouth..

End of the day verdict: One happy boy!

Papa and Mama are so proud of you!!

First day of school.. at 640am.

this is what you will get from Mr Grouchy at 640am before boarding the school bus

even refusing to look at the camera..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New school.. confirmed!!

Testing out his new school uniform and taking a decent passport size photo for Isa's new teacher.. Then I realize how challenging it has become..

Picture 1: ok but the alignment is a bit off center.

Picture 2: ok clear and nice.

Picture 3: eyes too small, smile too wide. argh~

Picture 4: ok nice smile but quality of picture a bit blur *laffs*

Picture 5: swinging his arms cos he was very impatient with me already. Complained he was feeling very warm in the uniform cos he has his home clothes underneath his uniform.

Okie: decided on picture 2.
Hi Teacher Eliza from Catholic Kindergarten, please welcome my little terrorist, Isadore, to your class, Jasmine A.
Now let's see how Isadore copes tmr.

Karaoke session with the two Low families..

the two lil men..

wassup with Men and balls?

Me and my bestie! with lil bunny..

my lil karaoke king.. who kept on doing the echoing thru out the night.

Papa and Isa!

Friday, March 11, 2011

New school.. Tbc

Catholic Kindergarten.

ho hum..

3 hrs everyday.. im still watiing for a call from them to confirm Isa's slot for Term 2, which is 21st March. fast or what?

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