Saturday, November 13, 2010

trial art class!

The teacher, Ms Fa!
Beautiful, isn't she?

Somebody who is very concentrated on his task.

Review: Isa likes the class and Ms Fa!
But due to budget, we will only send him from Feb onwards :(

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Toilet trained kid..

Actually I am very proud that my son is fully toilet trained at around 38 mths. FYI fully toilet trained means he does not even wear diapers at night. Well, some of you might think he is a late bloomer but then again I am pretty proud of him for this learning journey. But as you know, toilet trained also might means he might wan to go toilet anytime anywhere..

And I really mean anyway... to everywhere
We had to stop the car at a bus stop just to let the lil one relieve himself.
The premise: outside a sec sch gate.

Can faint right.. But at times I rather he peep "anyway" than hold his urine or even pee in the car. Well I had come out with something more innovative ever since this "anywhere" incident i.e. keep a diaper in the backseat in case he wants to pee, just make him wear his diaper and pee. But the challenging is that my lil friend will only wear the diaper when he is in a good mood.
Oh well.. so much about toilet trained.. :)

Well, to friends who are training their little ones to be diaper free?
Always rem that perseverance will definitely led your child to be diaper free really fast! And of course praises for the lil one really works too! :)
Good luck!

idyllic weekend with the village..

At Beauty World Hawker Centre..

with the grandparents.
Savouring satay beehoon!


Bored me up to no good. Time to shred some weight. ho hum..

By the way, thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. Isa is recovering well from his bout of viral fever. :D
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