Monday, August 30, 2010

Great achievements..

Isa managed to write his name (all 7 letters) all by himself!!
And also a figure of his version of a man..

process of his achievements..

note that his letter S is still not straight yet and his letter A is lying down..
let's see how long he can improve on this writing :)

his version of a "人"
so cuteeeeee

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2007 kiddos..

the companion who made us reached home at 1.30am
love you all!

(from left to right: Haiqal, Lynn, Reuben and Isadore!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Once upon a time, there were..

this little boy by the name of Keeshaun..
who made me realized that Isadore is not such a unique name afterall! LOL
look at how the boys love each other

some shots of Keeshaun taken by Isa..

then the two of them together..

so there were a couple of incidents in which Isadore's chinese teacher and I made fun of these two boys:

Scene A:
(when Keeshaun's daddy arrived)
Me: Isadore, so you want to Keeshaun's hse right?
Isadore: Yes
Me: Then you follow Keeshaun's papa home. Later you want to go home, then you ask Keeshaun's papa call me and I go fetch you from his place ya?
Isa: Okie! (went to carry his bag)
Me: -.- (then explained to Isa that I was joking)
Isa: *sad face* as he waved bye to Keeshaun

Scene B (translated from chinese)
Hou Laoshi: Keeshaun, Teacher Connie is going home, you want to go to his place then you take your bag la
Keeshaun: *carried his bag enthusiastically*
Me: *blank look* huh?
Hou Laoshi: ya Teacher Connie, Keeshaun said he wanted to go to your house and play
Me: *lagi blank look*
Isa: *jumping with joy*
Hou Laoshi: *LOL* no la Keeshaun, I am joking with you
Isa: *cried out*
Me: -.- HOU LAO SHI!!!

Morale of the story:
Die die must bring either Keeshaun to our place or bring Isa to Keeshaun's place liao

Sunday, August 15, 2010

new place for Him..

Our church's new location at Playfair!
Where is Teacher Joyce?

Sunday, August 08, 2010

living in the East..

there is always one place we like to go.. to spend our time away... Can you guess where it is?

there is shopping there..

there is an arcade there..

there is also an indoor playground there..

there is also an indoor entertainment area for children..

plus an outlet of Popeye!
So where is this place?
I am going there again on the 10th Sept!
Guess where?

summit of a mountain of..


Friday, August 06, 2010

new friend..

Hi all, please meet my new girlfriend..
Oops.. but i dunno her name :D
Have a good long weekend!
Happy National Day in advance!
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