Monday, June 28, 2010

new collections from our photographer..

when you are only 93 cm, here are the range of photos you will take:

our house @ sk..

my parents' place at Jurong..

self portrait (the narcissist genes)..
dearest handsome papa..

wat's next..

Perth here we come!

If I had been talking to you about my plans, perhaps you would have known that our next holiday destination is gonna be Perth. Well its confirmed!! We had booked the tickets earlier this month (with obvious charges to Ray Papa's credit card-.-) and we are really looking forward to it! woo!! Aunt Sally, here we come!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Recent changes..


I reckon everyone is insecure in a way or another. I am just one of the classic insecure kind. I will get nervous and jittery at the presentation or even at a new workplace. And guess what, I had passed down the genes to our dear little friend. And due to my new work, our poor Isa had to switch from school 1 to school 3 in a matter of 3 months. Let me explained what is going on..

Change of school

May 2010: last month at Kanooka SchoolHouse (Isa's first childcare since Apr 2009)

June 2010: one month at Carpe Diem Hougang. Isa is here now as I was doing relief teaching since Apr. Isa is still here.

July 2010: Isa will arrive at Carpe Diem Hilltop once we are operational ready.

See the changes for Isa?

I really feel guilty that I had to put my dearest bao bei through this ordeal while I had a change of job. But the not so bad feeling I get is that ever since I moved back home, Isa has been closer to Papa Ray. And also we are also having a bigger sense of achievement taking care of Isa by ourselves, if you know that my parents had took care of Isa during my 2.5 yrs stay with them. So now that we are back home, I am really praying very hard that everything will be in place once we settle down.

Oh ya.. we had also decided to get a domestic helper from Sept. Let's see how things go..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

new photographer on the block..

If you know me, I am a very photo person. Wun dare to say a professional one as I do not own any DSL lens / DSL camera.
I believe that photographs are a wonderful aid,something that not only exhibits what had happened at that moment in time, it can also become a recollection of our beautiful memories and etc..

Most of the time, I always use a point and shoot camera (learnt this term from my photography friends), be it a normal digital camera or the handphone camera, thus most of the time, the quality is not there.
Nevertheless, that is not the most important factor as what I hope to do is to capture that particular moment.

Anyway think Isa inherit my photography interests as he has a narcissist mom who always made use of him to be her model.
Poor Isa?
Think again.

Here are some photos that Isa took with our mobile, below pictures are taken with a 3G iphone:

not too bad eh?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

new hobby..

some games that keep a toddler occupied when he is bored.

how many...

how many water bottles should a 3 yr old have?





Isa has 5! -.-

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

then and now..

Then, Apr 2009, 27 mths old at Kanooka:

Now, June 2010, 40 mths old at Carpe Diem :

everybody say hi to "Shaun the Sheep" in Isa's arm!

Isa is my class, eating biscuits after a bad cry. Notice his sore eye lids. -.-

My baby is really such a big boy now.

Anyway papa came back on 29 May!! woo!!
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