Tuesday, May 18, 2010

while papa is away.. part III

does he even look like he is running a temperature?

but Isa fell sick..down with the fever virus. and he got hit quite badly. Isa had been having a temperature since Sunday afternoon, not thinking it was bad, I merely gave him the normal paracetomol syrup, hoping the fever will go away.

But I was wrong. One look at the thermometer and I got a fright. So off we went to the GP and Isa was immediately administered the rear insert for fever.

It is 1:58 am and I am standby mode though.
I am worried and scared.
With the aid of 4 fever forehead patches, lotsa of sponging and cold water, dosages of paracetomol, and not forgetting a prayer,
Isa's latest temperate dropped to 37.1

Thank God.
Let's hope Isa need not step into KKH tmr morning.

Monday, May 17, 2010

while papa is away.. part II

Baby Isa: so papa, what have you been up to in tw? Though I hear your voice every alternate days but it seemed that I am looking more forward to the toy that you promised to buy me *grins*

And here were the activities that we did for the week.. enjoy!

A regular Friday hang out at Gek Poh Shopping Centre (a neighbourhood shopping premise situated at Jurong West Avenue 5)

and our lil friend giving his test at the durians in the box after seeing what gong gong did.
By the way, the durians were not a big deal.

Over the weekends in Sengkang, our lil friend tried to help fold some clothes and guess where he is..

Mama Connie: its ok baby, I rather you go read your books or play your toys. :D
one pervert and very free mother will try to do something new:
take a picture of her son's hairy leg.
So papa.. can we get that rabbit for my 4th birthday? :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

while papa is away..

first signs of multi-tasking
I-phone user with rabbit shot I while watching TV

Isa with rabbit shot II

hi papa.. we were at yang gu's hse and ah xiu yee yee was there with gu po, and alot other people..
most important.. there were alot of i-phones!

so papa, shall we buy a rabbit for my 4th birthday? *winks*

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sending papa off on 8 may..

its never easy to say goodbye, even though it is just a short separation for 3 weeks.
besides we just celebrated our 6th years anniversary.
but we are glad that we brought Isa along for the sending off. although he can asked me on the way home, "papa coming back already?"

we are already missing you papa..
please come back soon.
lotsa of love from me and Isa

Monday, May 03, 2010

new ride..

after discount $59.90.
Thanks Papa!!
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