Sunday, March 28, 2010

coffee fan..

wat a fan.
Cafe Latte from Starbucks. but not to worry cos I only let Isa had a little cos I am worried jus like you, worried that he cant sleep at night.
that was like a dinner to us, a grande Cafe Latte accompanied by a plain bagel, a pair of waffles and a banana muffin.
Damage: $15
Result: one happy child who keep nodding when he was eating (nodding means the food is nice)

Friday, March 19, 2010

technology world..

Many of you would have know that I am currently using a Samsung Jet (S8003) in which it had a function named "Dynamic Canvas". It is sorta like a Windows Paint function except that you can literally draw it with your fingers. Am proud of say the above work is done by me and this picture simply drives Isa crazy. He will "wowowowowowo" (as in the sound of siren cars) and he will keep saying, "police car police car". He even commented that the "man in front (of the car) is driving back to the police station". Wat a story right?

Erhm.. sorry my dear Art teacher. I know my art flop but who says you need a talented mom to be able to draw? lol

Disclaimer: I am not representing or promoting any brand or any kind.

Monthly routine..

If you did not know, my little boy loves to read. He is always interested to explore prints, from a stack of newspapers to perhaps a magazine, to labels off a bottle and even prints off a scribbled note.

According to early childhood experts, this behaviour is actually quite common for children of this age, especially so when the child has been expose to this medium and also when this action is heavily practised amongst family routines or so.

So anyway, thus I signed up the NLB card for Isa. Since its FOC (kiasu me) so here it is, a card especially dedicated to Isa:
Oh by the way, you can do a immediate collection of the card once you registers with the e-kiosk at any library. Ok call me sua ku (lack of knowledge).

And of course, with the card, we also tried to teach Isa about the value of "borrowing".

Anyway on a side note: Reading is a wonderful habit. It is usually hereditary or cultivated through habits. *cough* now you should where Isa's reading genes comes from. lala..

Monday, March 01, 2010

He aint heavy, he is my father

we love spending time together at the Mama's dear laptop while she makes my milk..

we love fighting each other..

we have the same passion for Transformers.

though this can drives Mama crazy at times..

we also have the same liking for the same food:

Chocolate eclairs!

And of cos.. not forgetting the liking for the same woman:


Who were you thinking of?

I know it has not been easy to take care of me Papa, and that work has been full of turmoils for you. but Papa.. we really love you ya? Of cos we will not mind if you were to take time to bring me to ToysRus ya? *winks*

A new start..

Hey anyone missing me?

I hope so. :D Anyway Mama had been busy recently. She is moving to a greener patch of field for her work, which will happen to be my new school as well. This move not only will affect her work and will also sorta move our family back to Sengkang as well. If you were to know what had happened since two years+ ago then, you will not ask why now. If you are wondering why Mama has this sudden surge to move away from her comfortable zone, it was because she read a Sign from God. I know God is very powerful cos His signs for Mama were prominent that she could not resist following those signs. Don't ask me what and where and how Mama decipher these signs. Besides I am just a kid. *shrug shoulders*

But guess what? I know this is going to be a good move as not only I can show off my "leech-ing skills to Mama, I can also show everyone that I am a big boy. But guess poor Mama had to really sorta out her time management as not only she has to take care of me everyday in the evening, she also have to find time to do materials for tuition, also not forgetting spending time with Papa. *whispers* cos I am really really looking forward to have a younger sibling. *giggles*

Anyway here is a recently picture of us at Matthew's didi 1st birthday party. I just like to appear cheeky during a perfect photoshoot *neh neh neh*

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