Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 3rd birthday Isadore!

Preparation work
Date: 20 Jan
Date: 22 Jan
Venue: Isa's school The birthday boy..
Snippets of his work displayed in school

Happy birthday bao bei..
Thank God for giving me a chance to be your dearest mummy.
I love you.. and will always do.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

one expensive toy car..

When we went Jusco that day, Isa only wanted to get this car. Though he had a swop of colours but the design didnt change. And as a mum who believes in empowering her child's choice, she paid..
Thank God its RM.

see Isa's skeptical look.. he was so into the car that he had to put it next to his pillow on that night when he slept.
but most importantly.. one happy child

When a dog rides a horse..

Only one sentence: poor papa Ray..

Zoo trip 2 Jan 2010

my darling..
did you realize that Isa is much taller?
Isa will always be my baby..
Such a cutie pie.. with his fav barney t-shirt
ok picture speaks a thousand words. enjoy..

mr boss..

im still seriously into the Marine Scientist thing

Friday, January 01, 2010

in memory of our Grandma

we were there at your bed side
it was the first time when Isa called you "Tai Ma" (meaning great grandma)
your face divulged a weak and feeble smile
though it was not enough to create a crease on your face
but it was a smile..
a smile that was good enough to tell us all
that you were more than glad that Isa was there

as Isa planted a kiss on your hand
I saw a trickle of tear flowed down your face
perhaps Gugu ("Ray's aunt") seemed oblivious as she used a hanky to clean up the wetness
I actually knew it was more than just wetness from the eyes
It was a sign of joy
A sign that tells us all that you were more than glad that we appeared.

Ah ma..
thought I did not really serve you a cup of "grand daughter's tea"
but you still stand as one of the strongest lady that I had known
as you are one of the only ones who believe in Mummy ("Ray's mum)
despite all the rumours and the talkings
yet you still stand by her and accepted all her shortcomings
You will always remain in our heart as the no. 1 ah ma (or Tai Ma to Isa)

Have peace with God
and we thank you for your blessings.
with lotsa of love from your
Grandson ah Mun, Granddaughter in law Connie &
Great Grandson Isadore
we will miss you Grandma.
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