Saturday, November 21, 2009

KL here we come~

Dear reader
Thank you for your viewing but we are currently away on a short vacation to KL. For urgent matters, please call my papa or mama thru their mobile (frankly I rather you dun call) otherwise we will be back on 23rd to upload more photos.
Thank you and have a nice weekend ahead!

happy birthday popo!!

its the time of the year again when age is a mystery..

Friday, November 06, 2009

Short trip to Sembawang Shopping Centre..

At Daiso..
One lovely boy with one lovely flower.
Isa: mama, hua ah? (meaning: mum, are these flowers?)
Mama Connie: ya baby.. you can smell them (although stupid mama know they are fake flowers)
Isa: *smells* mama, mei you dong xi leh (meaning: no smell)
Mama: *laff* ya baby, zhe ge shi jia hua so no smell you know (meaning: these are fake flowers)
Isa: *gave a pondering look*
At the game arcade with papa..
trying to act garang..
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