Friday, October 30, 2009

Revisiting the library..

Once upon a time, there was this very ambitious mummy who brought along her very young and active child to the library when he was about one and half yrs old so this little friend of ours started cruising around the library literally "sweeping" the books off any shelves that was right in front of him.

But today.. this same 'lil fellow at the same old library but displaying a totally different behaviour. No terrible twos, no wailing.. simply nothing.
Only a talkative and camwhore mummy at work, only to get ticked off by the librarian for being too "loud". tsk..
Here were the range of books Ray papa selected for 'lil Isa.

And after my long-winded explanation, I left Isa to explore the books by himself. Look how engrossed he is.

So engrossed that he had to move the book nearer to his face..

And SO ENGROSSED that the book covered his face!

Then he got a bit tired of "Big Cats" so he changed to exploring "In An Emergency"

And he flipped and he flipped the same book.. thrice.

Boy.. and one suggestion to all mummies, always get your knowledge straight and right before your 'lil darlings cos once they starts to ask "WHAT IS THIS?"
datz when the headache comes.
"She me lai de" (means "What is this?" in Chinese) is Isa's favourite question. And of course, I will more than happy to answer him.
Does this smell of inquisitiveness?

90 cm!

oops someone has just reached the mark of 90 cm.
time to pay transport fare..
Can I just carry Isa and pass thru the gantry?

Friday, October 23, 2009

bronchitis episode..

just one sentence for Isa:

"You go baby!"

Brave little Isa did not even moved an inch when he had an X-Ray, blood pricking test and also when the nurse tried to give him the neubalizer. You are my little brave knight. I love you lots baby.

And boy, was I more than glad that the Dr gave us the green light to go home.

deepavali weekend..

Thanks Yoges for your lovely invitation.
And there, the beautiful cutie Kate in my arms.. who fell asleep soon after this photoshoot.
Hey boss, hope you dun mind!

Monday, October 12, 2009

lazy mum = hardworking child

Isa with his new diaperbag.
though Isa is consider toilet trained but there is always the knicks and knacks to bring whenever we need bring him out and this lazy mum always hate to carry a big bag full of Isa's stuffs thus decided to purchase this cheap and good trolley bag to carry all of Isa's stuffs and here is the list of things inside this Alibaba's bag.
  • extra set of clothes
  • wet tissue
  • dry tissue
  • sanitiser gel
  • rashes cream
  • plastic bag
  • diapers x 2 at least
  • jacket
  • hankerchief x 2
  • sticker book with sticker
  • powder
  • milk bottle and powder if not replaced by UHT pack of milk

ah.. dun ask me why so many things. maybe because i hate to regret whenever i forget to bring certain things thus the heavy packing. jus imagine how much we can bring to a holiday..

"dye-hair" experience

this is what one grandma can do to a child who is bored.
Conversation btw grandma and grandson:
Popo: "baby.. i help you dye hair like yee yee.. "
Baby: "hao!"
Popo: "ok har.. put newspaper for you then you must sit still ah?"
Baby: "hao!"
Popo: wrap newspaper and put water on baby's hair
Mama Connie sees this sight upon reaching home.. laffs and rolls on the floor
this whole activities managed to "encourage" the little one to sit still for about 20 min..

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

post Mid Autumn Festival greetings..

this is his electronic lantern for this year, brought by dear popo..
and hey it cost only $2.9
erhm.. Isa was suppose to pose for my camera.
And did I mention that Isa is a big mooncake fan. he can eat lotsa of them. not at one go of course but he prefers the plain ones, jus like they way I like them to be.
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