Sunday, September 27, 2009

First visit to Flyer..

Getting ready to board the flyer!

They had since changed the narration to the walkie kind. and I feel its too inconvenient. imagine holding on to the walkie for continuous 30 min though it is available in a few languages.
Nice family pic ya?

my fav pic for the day.

see my fb for another one taken with my mobile.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

height predictor

A picture speaks a thousand words. but 5ft. 10in. abit tall right? -.-

anyway here is the original link where I did the test:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

army museum 130909

call us patrotic..

at the entrance.. some older version of No. 3. an old bunk..
the infamous digger

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

sick piglet.. yet again

Isa recent's bout of illness is making me quite worried as here are his records:

02 Aug: down with fever
23 Aug: down with flu
03 Sept: down with rashes
07 Sept: down with vomit induced by cough and flu

Resuls of all these virus attack: Isa lost 1 kg.

The viral attack that Isa got just two days ago was the worst cos he literally vomitted 3 times and 3 occassions of diarrhoea.

Thank God both had stopped since middle of today if not I would have brought him to KKH for an intravenous drip. Besides I had also managed to coax Isa into drinking some winter melon water and also he had ate some porridge.

Isa even reminded me, "mama, dr said I vomit cannot drink milk." my heart jus melted when he said that to me. Baby.. please get well soon.

my picasso..

materials needed:
  • a few old paint brushes
  • washable poster paint
  • palette
  • lotsa of drawing paper
  • older clothes


  • one happy kid
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