Friday, August 28, 2009

spring clean!

here are some of my discoveries during my spring clean session for Isa's toys..

*look at Ray papa*


Monday, August 24, 2009

Isa's version: If you are happy and you know..

Isa's recent fav sing-a-long song..

sorry that you have to tilt you head a little and that background is abit dark cos I took it in the bedroom.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All in the name of the 'lil one..

#warning: view at your own discretion

God bless beanie.

like Ray papa said,
"The pain is temporary, the memory is forever"

By the way, above pic is taken off my back.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

National day itself..

Ray papa was in a mood for window shopping so on the eve of National Day, we decided that we will go Orchard on the very next day..
and dun ask me how long I had never been to Orchard..
yes it has been that long.. I dun even know that Crown Prince Hotel is closed for renovation.. tsk tsk

Anyway our main lead for that day was Isa.. again..
this "Dragon" outfit was bought for him when we were in HK in 2007 and now it seems quite tight for him eh.. and this is only his first time wearing it!
Just the result of shelving aside a "big" shirt..
I had matched it with a pair of jean meant for a 4 yrs old and yes you didnt see wrongly.

kiasu or what..
the print of the dragon shirt..
im intending to let him wear for this friday again. for my cousin's wedding. see if I can get some pix of Isa with my other cousins.
As Ray papa and I had our brunch before we reached town, I was thinking hard what to let Isa to have for his lunch.

So Ray papa suggested MacDonalds..

I grumbled but I gave in anyway..

"Happy meal" wat a apt name.

See the intense look on Isa.

As usual, ketchup will be Isa's best companion. But that day, Isa also tried their barbeque sauce and he seemed to like it too. And quite an achieveable result for that day was that Isa managed to finish eating ONE whole piece of nugget by himself and abt 1/3 packet of the small fries.
Trust me, if you knw Isa, this is considered alot. And guess who finished the remaining nuggets and fries? *hiak*

So after lunch, we went for a walk. To be more specific, this picture (below) was taken at the Stadium (did I give the wrong name?) shop.
And our little friend happily took a small basketball from the frames and threw it at Ray papa. Lucky for us, Isa is a very conscious child. So he will usually fetch back the ball once he threw it away..
Heard of "A lazy teacher will always have hardworking kids" or the vice versa phrase.

Then after the "basketball practice", Isa was so tired that he fell asleep in the pram in less than 10 min while Ray papa used the toilet. Anyway if you realized, I dun really like to take pictures of Isa or Ray papa when they are sleeping. Anyway he was sleeping in the pram for a solid 1.5 hrs. So while he was fast asleep, Ray papa thought we could have some "me" time so we went to Kinokuniya. But as there was a HUGE crowd there due to National Day sale, we didnt stay long. Then we moved and tabao some food to eat while allowing Isa to rest longer.

But alas, the moment we found a place to rest our feet, our frd woke up. -.-
Luckily the benches that we chosen was just right outside the Lego shop on Level 5. So after some sharing of food with us, Isa went exploring into the shop. And mind you, he really stayed for a long time. I think about an hour or so?
And that period of time also gave me some inspiration about Isa's birthday present for next year. It is just a matter of choices: either the $77.50 (basic farm set) or the $202 (intense farm set).
And Ray papa was really determined on getting the latter though. Let's see ya..

Can you spot Isa?

At the Lego manipulative table.

At the vertial Lego manipulative wall

So the Lego shop was our last stop.
We also did a short walking and glancing while on the way to collect our car. We parked our car at Shaw Centre as it only charged $3.50 for every entry. We passed by Wisma, Ion, Borders (we also got Marks and Spencers biscuits), Lido then Shaw Centre.

Damage for the day: less than $40.
Result: one happy child
Cool or what..

Anyway at the void deck of our block. Our frd is also very into pushing his own pram.
Always makes me wonder how he can cope with a younger sibling.
And oh no, I am not planning for another one year till next year so happy waiting hahaha..

Into the lift..
Isa:"Mama, san lou huh?" (Mama, 3rd floor?)
Mama: "ya.."
Isa: proceed to press the "3" then the ">-<" button

How I wish that I can have long weekends every week..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

happy birthday Singapore!

before going to school. Mama and me. See my patriotic T-shirt.

I painsakingly took this pic from the window of Isa's school.
This dressing up simply makes me miss teaching..ho hum
More to be updated in the next post. Do keep a lookout!

Monday, August 03, 2009

ways to keep a child busy w/o technology

Method 1: playing with toys
not necessary new toys. those on top are all passed down and Isa is simply in love with them!

Method 2: Assembling furniture

child to be involve rather than let him sit and wait

Just make sure children explore tools under close adults' supervision

Method 3: allowing child to have a taste of your fav drink
Ray papa's favourite kopi-o, a must starter for the day

Method 4: let your child try on new gear
in this case, Isa is trying Ray papa's running belt. And here he is trying to demostrate how you can drink from the bottles from the belt.
Isa: "take out the cover first"

Method 5: drawing / colouring

just make sure you have lotsa of different pics to spare, in case they get bored..

noticed what is the makeshift table is made up of?

like what happened here.. very bored..

Method 6: have little teabreaks
Here, Isa with his favourite SMOO milk and Ritz biscuits after cleaning and a change of clothes
Not forgetting: the complete table and chair set from Ikea!
And here I am so proud of myself.. spending quality time with Isa..
without the use of such as computers or DVD or television :D
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