Wednesday, July 29, 2009

26 july weekend..

What: Singapore Children Society Walk 2009
Where: Chinese Garden
When: 27 July 2009 from 830am to 1pm
we arrived 1030am plus.. walk already almost ended by.
Ray papa and I were super stone from our supper the night before in JB and we were surprised we could wake up for the walk.

it is definitely not Isa's first time on the bouncing castle. but he was the smallest size there. despite that, he still tried his best to "survive among the crowd". Jumping is a good exercise cos it made Isa really tired. And yes Isa love to pose.

i tried to take a picture of our shadows but too bad this picture emphasised more on my tummy rather than the shadows. To Ray papa: when can we buy a new camera? And yes I am trying hard to shred those fats. Please show me some moral support pls. *hiak*

P/s: all pictures are taken with my hp.

Isa trying hard to do the "peace" sign. and of course, did you notice my new haircut? Bangs that make me look younger.. comments from my friends.

Ray papa with his transistions lens (which always never fails to make him look garang) and my handsome darling with his starbucks balloon.

the crocs family.
the finishing line. we didnt even get started for the day though.. hoho..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

quality time with Isa..

Just another weekday night at Jurong Point
exploring something that is called "candy floss" see his skeptical and cautious look?

his "satisfied" look, after realising that it is something edible cos I keep telling him, "baby, can eat.. try la.. very nice and sweet!" so he continue trying..

so the candy floss kept him occupied for about 15 minutes. he is so oblivous till I took a picture of him and the menu and he still continued to explore the candy floss..
and I remember I told Ray papa very clearly that, "Remind me to brush his teeth later."

after the candy floss exploration, he started to show his boredoom.. so I put him in the stroller and as usual.. without fail, he managed to electrify the waitress with his trademark "hello" in a loud voice.. -.-
last stop before going home: harris
and can you tell that he like the book alot? and I was so tempted to buy.
asking Ray papa: so when are we buying the ikea bookshelf?

Monday, July 13, 2009

mama birthday 110709..

first of all, thanks for all who cares and remembers my birthday
and yes, a very special thank you for my baby who is always here when I need him

not forgetting my little wormy..

thought just a small cake that is bought by my sis on thurs (ya super early blowing out of candles) but nevertheless its the thought that count right?

and pls.. pay extra attention on wormy..
somebody is very enthusiastic about the birthday cake apparently.. you can see it from his smile :D
then sudd not so enthusiastic..
I have always know that birthday cakes always make children very excited.. but can't seem to explain why see the white line below his mouth.. ya datz Isa's saliva dripping.. but lucky his saliva only dripped on the table
mama connie: eating a piece of cake can be of so much fun? hmm oh well..

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

new purchase..

one pair of classic slip ins $29
one pair of green camo shoes $15
5 pairs of clip on decorative $10
Total damage: $54
good deal right?

things Isa did during his break at home.. *updated*

Activity 1: Beansprout plucking
Isa only was very curious on what Popo was doing.
So we let him try.

This activity only kept him busy for about 10 minutes then we stopped him.

Verdict: Instead of breaking the tails of the beansprout, he broke most of them into half ke lian de beansprout..

but good try Isa..
Activity 2: Bedtime story

this is the first time I tried to make Ray papa read a book to Isa before he goes to bed.

Title of book: Qing Wa Wang Zi
(story of the prince who turned into a frog, anyone knows the title?)

Verdict: Good attempt cos Isa could sit thru the 10min in which Ray Papa had a (difficult) time reading out to him and me in the background was giggling non stop over Ray papa's recital :D

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