Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oh no..

the results of new pair of sandals so babysitter said he is not used to it..
ho hum.. :(
definitely heartpain but as usual, my prince didnt cry so I also relag :D


Is your child ever crazy about occupations before?
Today he say he wants to be a drummer
*thank you Auntie Christina*

But later in the day he tells you he wants to be a fireman

But soon he discover maybe he can give a try to be a basketball player..

ho hum..

but when you ask Isa: what do you want to be when you grow up?
Isa will reply: Doctor!

But sometimes, you can expand the use of one item..there

doctor become bandit..in seconds..
what a creative mummy I have..

Monday, June 08, 2009

Milestones at 28 months

As compared to the previous milestone check at

here are the Isa's achievements till now:

  • Isa is able to express himself verbally much more as compared to the previous milestone check
  • Isa is able to construct sentence of about 3-5 syallabus such as "papa qi lai liao" (meaning "papa wake up" in chinese) or "pi-nish al-ray-li" (meaning "finish already")
  • Isa is able to say his name in both English and Chinese. The most amazing thing is that he can relate the correct answer with the respective question in the corresponding language such as "What is your name?" and he will say "Isadore" but if you ask him in Chinese, "Ni jiao she me ming" and he will say "Liu-Ming-Rui"... and this actually came as a surprise for me cos he actually say out his name to me when I asked him for his name.
  • Alphabets: he is only able to point to some alphabets when we say it out to him such as "a", "c", "i", "r". note: cos these are the initials to our our names, a is for yee yee's name, c is my name, i is for Isadore and r is for papa's name.
  • Transport: Isa is able to point and say the names of about 8-10 transports as compared to the previous achievement of 4-6 transport. And recently Isa is very into construction vehicles and my.. tell me how difficult it is to for us to spot construction vehicles on the road.
  • Animals: Isa is able to point and say the names of about 10 animals. His favourites are "g-laff", "air-e-fant", "lie-yen", "tie-girl", "hi-fo-fo-fa-mas".. this is almost exactly the way he pronouce them, can u make them out? lol


  • Isa is able to say 1-5 on a continuous mode. but its still much more on a passive mode cos I guess we are still used to teach him on a "leading" way such as we say it out and he just recite.
  • Isa is able to recognize the numbers "3", "5", 7" and "9". he actually learnt recogising these numbers in a week's time. sounds amazing? anyway not my credit as it was my mum who spend quality time with Isa every evening. She was thinking rather than she put away telephones on a unreachable place, she actually took out the plug and let Isa play with the phone. She even told Isa that it is "nai nai" who stays on the 3rd floor, "popo" who stays on the "5th" floor" and "Mummy" (referring to my babysitter) who stays on the "9th" floor. so now if Isa is able to see these 3 numbers in any form, be is lift buttons or number pads or even numbers in newspaper articles, he is able to say out the characters names.
  • Isa is able to say and show hs fingers for his age. Try it out when you see him soon, you can really see his efforts in trying to press down his middle fingers when he shows the "victory" sign aka 2 years old.

And if you have been following our blog, you would have known that Isa had started school since April and so far what we can say that we are indeed contented with his progress, be it in the literary or other forms. But now here is another challenge: we are thinking of starting Isa on a fullday basis at the CCC but we are not sure how well he can take it cos the routines in school are very different from what he have at the babysitter's house. One of the example is the napping time:

School: naps from 12.30 to 3pm

Babysitter: naps from 2 pm to 4pm

any advice?

Sending yee yee off at the airport..

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