Wednesday, March 18, 2009

truth revealed!!

liked they said, a picture says a thousand words..
and yes, we are naming him Izreal (pronounce as "I-ze-real")

Monday, March 16, 2009

funny face..

Oh ya.. and before I forget! This is the face baby Isa will do when you ask him,
"Baby, how do you do a funny face?"

He is suppose to pull down his sets of eyes down but as for now, he only know how to place his fingers at his cheeks.. cute right?

dizzy spells..

this is the first time .. (hopefully the last time) that I have quite a bad dizzy spell. This was what happened last Tuesday:

boarded the MRT from Boon Lay station. no seats available since the EW line starts from Joo Koon now. stood all the way till JE and I felt uneasy as more people squeezed into train, most of the cabins are congested with people so even less people noticed my bump (I supposed). Soon after the train moved off from JE, I felt even more queasy and I feel that my vision was starting to become blur, to a extend of whatever I see became whitish in colour and people's features started to fade. I know immediately that something was not right, for a while I thought I was having a headache so I shook my head (in normal reaction to having a headache) bt I still feel sucky.. (damn.. this is it).. Thus from Clementi station to Dover, I was literally feeling light-headed with my blurred vision. So I told myself, " if I am to cope, I shall alight at Dover and will take a seat at the passengers' platform and will rest then prob take cab to Dhoby Ghaut". But beforeI knew I could move, somebody tapped me on my shoulder and pointed a seat to ask me to seat so I sat down.

So I sat down and rest my head against the plastic panel and dozed off for a while. In the meanwhile I could feel that I had a outbreak of cold sweat. And when I opened my eyes, it was already Tanjong Pagar station. But I actually felt much better and my vision returned to normal.
This may not sound serious to everybody but the last time I had time dizzy spell was when I was in Poly and I fainted in the toilet of Yio Chu Kang MRT. Luckily there was this Samaritian who rubbed axe oil on my temples and I regained my consciousness soon. And that was almost exactly what happened on Tuesday then.

Not sure if why I got this feeling: could it be due to I am anaemic? or did this happened due to hormonal changes in my body as according to, an article on dizzy spells.

Hiak *evil plan in mind* should I ask Dr Tham give me another day MC as I am seeing him tmr? wahkkkk...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Milestones at 25 months..

Anyone noticed that I had been posting new entries quite often nowadays? Keke.. you can call this my mother nesting instincts or whatever you prefer but recently it jus dawns on me that it is really important to write down those nitty gritty milestones about Isadore esp when he is growing so fast and everyday he is really showing off his newly learnt skills.. and here are his recent milestones..

  • Language: Listening > Can understand both English and Mandarin. Spoken > more Mandarin than English. You should have a conversation with him to see how funny he speaks.. especially when he is playing alone or before he sleeps. Here are some typicals words he say "mama, papa, gongong, popo, yee yee, jie jie, kor kor, mummy (referring to his babysitter), daddy (referring to his babysitter's husband), baby, enie (referring to baby in my stomach), kool (refers to school), car car, big bird (refers to his huggable big bird softtoy), e-low (refers to his pillow).. on a continuous and repetitive mode.. interesting huh? I am still waiting for his breakthrough of saying a "3-word sentence" though.
  • Transportation: when read to, Isadore can point to at least 10 different transportation such as car, bicycle, motorcycle, lorry, truck etc. there is small hand held size transportation book that we have in Ray papa's car that I always read to him whenever we are in the car. He can say "car, lorry, truck, bus, taxi (taxi taxi rather) and van". Interesting fact about ambulance: Mama Connie always explain some funny rationale to baby Isadore for the different transportation and whenever Mama Connie asked baby Isadore about ambulance, he would touch his hand and then leg and he will say "leg" cos the rationale for Mama Connie was "baby, we call ambulance only when our hand or leg pain pain ok?" ok weird rationale right.. but at least Isadore got it. bleh
  • Mathematics: baby Isadore can do rote counting from 1-10 with guidance but always prefers to say "4,5,6" with the "pour,pie,sick" sound. this is usually said rather spontaneously when he is playing alone or when we said "1,2,3" to him
  • Toilet training: can say whenever he wants to pee or poo but accidents happens more often for peeing. Isadore will hold on to his penis whenever he wants to pee or he will remove his shorts then dash to the toilet. Mama Connie can also "catch" the time whenever Isadore wants to poo, esp when before he poos, he will usually say "put put" or he will let out a loud fart.. *and his poo are very damn smelly*
  • Self help skills: can pull t-shirt over his head when removing his clothes, knows that he needs to put his hands through the sleeves of his PJ, knows how to balance by holding on to mama's shoulders while wearing his PJ or shorts. Can drink from cup and also feed himself with a spoon (with spills though).
  • Attractiveness: SUPER CAN POSE FOR CAMERA. does this count as self help skills or is it call vainpot skills? *grins* CAN KISS ANYONE AND EVERYONE, even strangers, mind you. And if he is asked to kiss you and you never pout your lips or show your face towards him, he will yell at the top of his voice and say "KIIIIIIIIIII" (as in kiss me now!) Haha..
  • Sense of empathy: sayang or hugs crying children. ya I know you will go "awwwwww..." and this really makes me so proud of my baby Isadore!

datz about all for now though. Will update more when some interesting things happens. And of course, not forgetting to say

"thank you baby"..

for tolerating me and my nonsense mood nowadays.. I love you and Isadore so much!*muacks*

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