Thursday, January 22, 2009

father and son affair..

sometimes u just know its a father and son thingy..

but what about mummy?!! hehe.. but I still love you my two babies..

though you guys have the same outfit and I don't have.. hmpf..

getting ready for CNY..

cute outfit..

when one is not enuf..

Like they said.. a picture tells a thousand words..
the cheapo watsons testkit..
the more expensive clearblue compact..
and in case you were wondering:
one line = not pregnant, two lines = pregnant.
call me kiasu.. i tried it twice..
ho hum..
now the question: girl or boy.. akan datang

Friday, January 02, 2009

something is brewing..

do come back to my blog for some updated news.. *twirl fingers*
you can guess but dun ask too much, I can't say it out loud yet so just keep yourself dated in my blog ok?

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