Sunday, December 20, 2009

Season's greeting!!

Hohoho Merry Xmas in advance!!

my kiasu mama says,"its always early than none"
By the way, my recent fave is still on cars. Anyway having a headache over what present to get me, there is nothing much to think about.
Get the hint? *lalala*

As for mama and papa, I think they just wish for me to be a good and healthy boy.
Wat is your wish for Xmas this year?

I know what is mama's wish and papa's wish though

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visual learner..

Recently i bought this books program thingy for Isa and he got a free dermatoglyphics test from Genius mind.

Strangely and sorta expectedly, our little friend is just certified as a visual learner among all his intelligences. Read more about multiple intelligences here.

By the way, he possess 3 arches in his fingerprints. The report also summarizes what kind of career are highly recommended for Isa.. there is of course the marine scientist. know why I mention marine scientist in the previous post. Anyway I got the test for free, otherwise it will cost around $400+ to do a standard dermtoglyphics test.

your new Mr Assembler

but baby, i really prefer if you are to be a marine scientist though

weekly routines

I believed I mentioend this before:
A lazy teacher will have hardworking students aka
A lazy mum will have hardworking child/ren
This mum is only hardworking when it comes to capturing the impt moments for her prince..

thanks baby..

Monday, December 07, 2009

old hobby but new collection..

guess its a stereotypical hobby for boys who are into cars.. or other forms of transportation.

the collection in Jurong

not forgetting what I lugged back from KL..

and these NEW collection below..

ALL from Auntie Christina.. Thanks again!

Playgroup 2009 for Isa..

my little prince.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

late night activities..

we were bored on a typical sat post-tuition night.
nowhere much to venture.. with little money in our hands, little ideas in our mind,
we went to somewhere that is near and somewhere that did not burst out meagre cash in hand
somewhere that we had not went before.. somewhere that turned our night into a bout of quality time. despite spending only 2 hrs there, there was definitely laughter and good memories..
guess where we went? answer at the end..

wassup with the carrot, the person who made this definitely have some form of creativity and lotsa of perseverance..

then some form of doll appear, we reckon mr carrot and ms doll were made by the same person?

then we saw my favourite bread. ONE WHOLE SHELF of my favourite bread. I could not help but to purchase 3 different flavours.. lol imagine.. how often do you see the honeydew flavour?
any ideas where we went yet?
then mr "bo hiew" went to help himself to the mag..
but most of them were wrapped up.. so I was not that worried but just think his look is very cute..
they sells bicycles too? i wonder why.. cos this place was so out of nowhere.
so after a while of exploring, we were tired.. and hungry (ok. read: I was hungry)
so we bought some food for us.. lil Isa was more interested in the toy though that was not meant to be a mouthpiece.. can someone jus tell the Mac mgmt that this is such a crap toy.
its always the "hi"s and "bye"s.. (shake hands)
not forgetting the hugs..
hey Ronald, he is Isa alright.
one last stroll before we head off..

voila.. did you guess it was Anchorvale CC?
and who says Sengkang is a bored place..

Thursday, December 03, 2009

miss me? KL trip 21-23 Nov 09

busy mama. sorry guys for the super late post. and its 1:43 am now. anyway enjoy..

preparing from two days before the trip..

like Ray papa said: very fortunate Isa, not even 3 yr old yet and he is going to visit his 2nd country

early in the morning 530 am, one enthusiastic kid with his enthu face

during a tiring 5 plus hours coach ride, you would always find time to camwhore
finally, our place to rest.. but before i could set my butt warm, off I go..

off we go, shopping, sight-seeing (not much) and lotsa of kiddy rides for Isa!

nice white xmas tree in Jusco..
and one king touching his toes while he drinks his milk.. get ready for naptime baby..

this is an interesting ride cos the vehicle will literally turn when Isa
steer the sterring wheel
how can we miss out on good food?

and not forgetting buying a msian cake for our darling popo..

Isa can attract anyone,everyone, including the barristar who "made" a cup of steam milk decorated with coloured rice, just for Isa.

bye bye.. and see you in Feb.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

KL here we come~

Dear reader
Thank you for your viewing but we are currently away on a short vacation to KL. For urgent matters, please call my papa or mama thru their mobile (frankly I rather you dun call) otherwise we will be back on 23rd to upload more photos.
Thank you and have a nice weekend ahead!

happy birthday popo!!

its the time of the year again when age is a mystery..

Friday, November 06, 2009

Short trip to Sembawang Shopping Centre..

At Daiso..
One lovely boy with one lovely flower.
Isa: mama, hua ah? (meaning: mum, are these flowers?)
Mama Connie: ya baby.. you can smell them (although stupid mama know they are fake flowers)
Isa: *smells* mama, mei you dong xi leh (meaning: no smell)
Mama: *laff* ya baby, zhe ge shi jia hua so no smell you know (meaning: these are fake flowers)
Isa: *gave a pondering look*
At the game arcade with papa..
trying to act garang..

Friday, October 30, 2009

Revisiting the library..

Once upon a time, there was this very ambitious mummy who brought along her very young and active child to the library when he was about one and half yrs old so this little friend of ours started cruising around the library literally "sweeping" the books off any shelves that was right in front of him.

But today.. this same 'lil fellow at the same old library but displaying a totally different behaviour. No terrible twos, no wailing.. simply nothing.
Only a talkative and camwhore mummy at work, only to get ticked off by the librarian for being too "loud". tsk..
Here were the range of books Ray papa selected for 'lil Isa.

And after my long-winded explanation, I left Isa to explore the books by himself. Look how engrossed he is.

So engrossed that he had to move the book nearer to his face..

And SO ENGROSSED that the book covered his face!

Then he got a bit tired of "Big Cats" so he changed to exploring "In An Emergency"

And he flipped and he flipped the same book.. thrice.

Boy.. and one suggestion to all mummies, always get your knowledge straight and right before your 'lil darlings cos once they starts to ask "WHAT IS THIS?"
datz when the headache comes.
"She me lai de" (means "What is this?" in Chinese) is Isa's favourite question. And of course, I will more than happy to answer him.
Does this smell of inquisitiveness?

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