Monday, October 13, 2008

at baby Sheyanne's full month celebration

front left: omg.. all he can do is to shaft the fried banana ball into his mouth..

and yes he can blow the whistle.. and I seriously dunno why he is so enthusiastic about the balloons

*shake head*

Sunday, October 05, 2008

my own SPA experience at home

15 min of SG2000 SPA = revitalise your health and etc.
want to know more? Pls contact my mummy..
as for me, mummy only allow me to do it 7 min..
cos its always "Once I am, I wun want to come out!"
I'm loving it!

all geared up for zoo trip on 011008 *updated*

mummy connie: er.. baby, u dun need to "gear" yourself with a helmet or a remote control *faint*
and as promised, more pictures from our Zoo trip

i love tumbletots!

Isadore first trial class at tumbletots.. I am so glad he likes it :)

but im still contemplating if I should sign him up..

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