Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Isadore at TLC MM3

And in case you were wondering what is TLC and MM3, here is the explanation:

TLC = The Latio Club

This is a car forum club in which Isa Papa and Mama joins since year May 2006. Thus Isa papa's ride is a very luxurious, comfy and spacious Latio
(as it is pronounced as "la-cio" as in "ratio" with a "L")

MM3 = Mega Meet up 3

An annual event held by the TLC for all the fellow Lations to meet up and exchange pointers over their wonderful rides

Share some updates with you guys:

MM1: Baby Isadore was only 3 months old in Mama's tummy and now voila! He is 18 months old!

MM3: Ray papa finally change his stock tyres! and out of Mama's expenses so Mama is super broke this month..

Nonethless.. some of precious momements of Isadore at MM3..
with compliments of Uncle Latio2005

oh yes.. my bao bei and his innocent look that makes you go "awwwww...."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

new junior commercial star.. hopefully

groove to the beat

junior helper.. anyone needs one?

I can help!

First time..

this happened when Isadore puts his finger inside a can
a can of drink which papa was drinking and though papa tried to pull the can away from Isadore but he did not realize that Isadore's finger had already been cut by the sharpness of the edge of the tab area.
well ask me if i panic. I will be proud to say: "no" and as a ex childcare teacher, I applied the typical first aid I learnt and blood cease to flood after 3 min
and poor papa felt so guilty after this incident and he never dare to hold a can drink near Isadore again.. hiakz*

one weekend at Suntec City

Father and son affair

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