Friday, June 20, 2008

new found love..

here is Isadore new found love..

and guess what?
its really good for connie mama as she dun even need to put coins in!
and little Isadore just enjoy sitting and playing with any of this kind of kiddy rides..


here the scenario:

Isadore walks to the shelf and began to touch the boxes

Then mama connie said to ray papa, " luckily these are all boxes, if not we will have a big problem packing them back"

then Isadore happily swept off at least 10 boxes off the shelves

then ray papa said, "see la, dun say la.. see your son"

connie mama: *faint*

walk only when...

he is in the shopping centre!

and he is still that fat little wriggly worm at home..

always waiting people to carry him, if not he will start crawling around..


but.. if we dun pamper him, who will?


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

digger.. literally

hmm.. here is my son.. will always do this whenever I say "or pi kang" (or dig nose) wahkaka..
I know its digusting but we all dig our nose..
sometimes.. somewhere.. right?
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