Friday, April 25, 2008

ray papa favourite picture

Hey baby (referring to ray papa), nah.. your favourite picture of your ninuminu xpy..:D

girly face with a froggy hat

don't ask me why Isa looks like a girl in this picture..
anyway we were in kiddy palace CP and I thought this hat is cute!
but is darn expensive.. and Isa is not a hat fan.. so I drop the idea keke

papa.. I will tell you how to go!

mini GPRS..
anyway this little boy loves looking at the street directory
wonder why..
perhaps it has got many colourful pictures
perhaps it has got a "vitagen" advertisement staring Felicia Chin
perhaps darling is a visual learner..
perhaps perhaps..
no matter what
I love you baby..

a picture tells a thousand words

one of my favourite photo

Thursday, April 24, 2008

anyone miss me?

Isadore posing with his favourite pacifiers..
and yes.. it was me who put the 2 pacifiers into his mouth
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