Monday, August 27, 2007

"teething tricks"

the all famous teething trick.

Ray papa said he like "chengster" (self created slang for "proud") look.

"Rolling good time" (improved version)

Isadore here with his new bag of tricks..

not forgetting featuring his new favourite link toy..

ya.. he like it so much that he can even hold it when he bath

Thursday, August 16, 2007

a new "hat"..

by yours truly:
Auntie Jill (Isa's darling babysitter)
and see his cheeky smile after we removed his "hat"

sending Kit yee yee off.. sobz..

the day we went to send Kit yee yee at the airport..
alamak lousy Mummy cried when she hug Kit yee yee..
"Yee yee.. I will be a big boy when you come back from Florida next year!
Rem buy me lotsa of Osh Kosh okie?" *chuckles"
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