Wednesday, April 25, 2007

some latest update..

Last Sunday, Isadore took his first 5 in 1 jab at Uncle Raymond's clinic. Daddy and Mummy were very proud of Isadore as he did not even whine with the jab. But then again he was very drowsy thru the whole of Sunday and he even had slight fever till Monday. But all are well now so no worries.. baby Isadore is back at his noisy and kpo self.. oops.. or I should say inquisitive and talkative.. *laffs*

Latest weight at 3 months old : 6.6kg

Yesterday was Isadore's debute at the babysitter's place (Thank Jill). but kpo Mummy was so busy talking to Auntie Jill till I forgot to take Isadore's picture. Nevertheless here are some I had taken today while this little frd is sleeping at Auntie's Jill house.

Isadore lying on the cosy sofa at Auntie Jill's house. Actually he was drooling but it is not visible in this picture.

See how comfortable he is..
Oh well.. another good thing for Isadore is that Auntie Jill has a son (14 months plus) who is so friendly and nice.. (even to me .. yes). Guess Isadore will have more to learn when times comes.

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