Friday, February 02, 2007

new faces of Isa darling..

Curious Isa exploring and touching his ears..
oh and my new nickname for my darling is "ang ku kueh" :D cos his face will turn red as ang ku kueh whenever he cries.. haha..

Tell you it was so difficult catching this shot.. he is not actually smiling I reckon but he is so exploring with his expression..

the few versions of his "stone" face.. haha think he is too bored liao..


Anonymous said...

You got to take around 20 shots to get a good shots... enjoy the process... standby ur digicam

Nasi Lemak

jerbette said...

hey connie! congrats once again! hahaha.. ur baby is soooo CUTE!!! :))

jeannette said...

oops,forgot to leave my name. haha

Ray n Connie said...

nasi lemak > yup sometimes more than 20 shots haha.. and tell u what.. my digicam spoilt.. dui right.. now had been taking with my hp..

jeannette > thanx girl!

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