Wednesday, February 28, 2007

milk milk time!

at 5 weeks old, a typical feeding for Isadore is 3.5oz (110ml) of milk..
which means a tin of 900g of milk powder can only last 9 days..
yes.. and it cost a hefty $30 per tin
huh right..
some basic tips for milk feeding:
1. hot water can only be boiled once. thus use a thermoflask to store your hot water rather than an electric flask.
2. wash yr hands before preparing milk.
3. wash n sterilize milk bottles before use. after sterilizing, never leave them in the open as bacteria can grow in them. you can either keep them in an air tight container or like me, retain the bottles in the sterilizer till the next use.
4. pre-prepare yr milk powder in the stackable container to ease your milk preparing time. imagine your baby wailing n you are still tryin to scoop the powder from the milk tin!
4. never retain leftover milk for next feeding as the warmth in baby's saliva can be the best breeding factor for bacteria.
5. dun use a feeding hanky for more than 2 times as milk might spill over to hanky. this will only promote milk rashes to grow either on baby's face or neck.
datz abt all for what I had been practising.. hope these info helps.. :)

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