Wednesday, February 28, 2007

milk milk time!

at 5 weeks old, a typical feeding for Isadore is 3.5oz (110ml) of milk..
which means a tin of 900g of milk powder can only last 9 days..
yes.. and it cost a hefty $30 per tin
huh right..
some basic tips for milk feeding:
1. hot water can only be boiled once. thus use a thermoflask to store your hot water rather than an electric flask.
2. wash yr hands before preparing milk.
3. wash n sterilize milk bottles before use. after sterilizing, never leave them in the open as bacteria can grow in them. you can either keep them in an air tight container or like me, retain the bottles in the sterilizer till the next use.
4. pre-prepare yr milk powder in the stackable container to ease your milk preparing time. imagine your baby wailing n you are still tryin to scoop the powder from the milk tin!
4. never retain leftover milk for next feeding as the warmth in baby's saliva can be the best breeding factor for bacteria.
5. dun use a feeding hanky for more than 2 times as milk might spill over to hanky. this will only promote milk rashes to grow either on baby's face or neck.
datz abt all for what I had been practising.. hope these info helps.. :)

"pian tai" mummy @ work again..


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year Greetings..

Isadore posing with his oranges..
Hope everyone have a good lunar new year!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

yes sir!

baby recruit Isadore Low reporting Sir!

episodes of Ray papa with little one..

Ray papa playing with baby..

Ray papa's first attempt at feeding baby.. and it is water only :D but still.. good try..

Friday, February 09, 2007

new look of Isadore..

"the new xiao bui look"
and who says baby cant style their hair?
oh ya.. fyi, Isadore weights 3.6kg now

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

new rocker toy..

see our little frd so comfy in his new toy..
close up shot.. in case you miss his cutie face *wahah* :D
oh yes.. this toy is from Daphne yee yee.. thanks dear.. *huggies from Isadore and mummy*

poser Isadore..

my little poser..

Monday, February 05, 2007

"pian tai" mummy..

the so ever "zi lian kuang" me.. and sleepy Isadore..

haha.. baby open his eyes liao..

keke.. Isa darling still manage to look at the direction of my handphone :D

Isa's new look!

very big eyes.. and nose.. :D
*ok pretend u didnt see that pair of feet behind Isadore ya.. those feet are mine..

Friday, February 02, 2007

new faces of Isa darling..

Curious Isa exploring and touching his ears..
oh and my new nickname for my darling is "ang ku kueh" :D cos his face will turn red as ang ku kueh whenever he cries.. haha..

Tell you it was so difficult catching this shot.. he is not actually smiling I reckon but he is so exploring with his expression..

the few versions of his "stone" face.. haha think he is too bored liao..

just some thoughts..

Hey.. ya.. you must be wondering why in the world I am so free to come log in almost everyday and posting new posts.. haha.. well this is me.. since I am like so bored and restless at home, I actually think facin the computer is one of the best way for me to output some blues and perhaps gain some laughter while chatting with friends.

oh well .. anyway just would like to share some thoughts.. some people said some women will suffer from post natal blues? how true is this and how much do you believe? For me? I would say it is very true.. we will definitely suffer from a little tiny winy bit of blues definitely so husbands out there aka fathers to be.. be very supportive to your wife ok.. It is really necessary. Why do I say so? Cos frankly speaking for the first few days upon return to home, just right before I sleep, I literally cried myself to bed. Lucky ray papa is here with me.. cos I just felt so helpless and lost. Not knowing what is wrong with me, he just told me to cry to the max while cuddling me to sleep. *sob sob* but like I always think.. all's well end well.. after those few days of crying to sleep and after spending tons of time talking to friends online, I actually felt so much better! but of course also with the support of my wonderful confinement lady *thank you Auntie ah Eng*

and enjoy some new pics I had taken of Isa baby in the next post..
regards from a happy and new me..
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