Friday, January 19, 2007

which one to choose?

Hey guys.. recently I had been in another dilemma again.. as in which rocker to choose for baby's day time nap.. tell me how u feel about these choices

1. traditional or electric cradle ("yao lan")

Price: around $80-$90


  • net is washable
  • well ventilated
  • baby's head will be shaped "round" as compared to sleeping on cot or playpen
  • can be used up till 18 months (but do we really still need it when baby is 18 months?) *shrugs*


  • not travel proof i.e. cannot carry to my mom's place
  • prone to accidents as cradle might "drop" or not work
  • have to manually rock to let baby to sleep
  • baby might have a tendency to be pampered i.e. no rock = no sleep
  • baby might climb out of net once he starts to learn how to turn

2. Fisher & Price cradle

Price: $69 (for a china brand) to $99 (Fisher Price)


  • washable cover
  • light weight and mobile i.e. can bring to mom's place over weekends
  • music to accompany baby to sleep
  • toys to stimulate baby's learning even when not sleeping
  • little danger of structure falling apart as structure is nearer to floor


  • can only be used for baby up to 12 kg
  • flatten back of baby's head due to structure
  • baby might climb out of structure once he starts to learn how to turn

haiz.. which one ah which one.. my mom said one shot all dun buy.. wait for baby come out then decide.. sekali he is going to be an easy baby like me :P put anywhere also can sleep.. she is also worried that baby might be too dependent on either structures then I will definitely be in for some trouble liao haha..

anyway I have not decided yet too but might heed my mom's advice. But any takers to buy these? haha..

till the next post.. counting down.. 7 more days..

p.s. I had since revised my settings for my blog, had arranged them into monthly archives. This new settings will make loading faster since it will only have 20 postings per view. enjoy!


nic said...

cradle with nice designs la.. so can take more pretty pics.. ANYWHERE.. haha ^-^

Ray n Connie said...


Anonymous said...

Cradle is very useful for babies to zzz easily. It all depends on your baby lor...i bought for my son cradle after he is born. Manual version but after a while tired... loan a electric version shiok.. hee. This last me for 3months... after dat my boy can zzz easily liaoz..


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