Thursday, January 04, 2007

new breakthrough.. :D

Hi guys..

just a short blog today as not much info to share.. just some updates about me..

went for my routine check up yesterday and I just realized that I had went thru a huge breakthrough! Just to let you guys that I had put 10 kg!!! perhaps some of us might not even react but then again I am actually quite conscious over this weight gain thingy.. but then again gynae had also mentioned that baby is a healthy weight at 2.5kg.. so he said not much to worry about.. he estimated baby might come out to be around 3 kg.. which is a good weight for easy deilvery.. *pray hard for natural birth*

yup datz about it for today keke.. and oh did I mention that I am currently on two days of MC? hee.. I actually requested from the gynae to let me rest for two days cos I had not been feeling very good.. hmm how to feel good with the extra 10kg on yourself? moreover I literally feel that my back is goin to break.. argh~ help.. haha.. counting down.. 2 more weeks..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Take good care..Have good rest.. May all your wish come true..

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