Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am back.. Birth story #1

Hey guys.. after so many days of proper resting.. I am back again in action .. I try not to use the computer for more than 1 hr at one go though :D oh well here is my labour story..

22 Jan 2007 Mon

8 30 am

called gynae in the morning and told him that I kinda feel baby not moving alot over the weekends. He said go to hospital asap to do a CTG (aka a machine that monitor fetal's heart beat + contractions).

1030 am

ah lao came fetch and send me to KKH. He dropped me off then he went back to work. No choice.. So I went for CTG scan, see gynae, do ultrasound and see gynae again. Gynae this time round said water bag was low from the ultrasound.. He asked if I could be admitted today.. I said ok. But after checking the schedule timing for the delivery suite department, he said I can only be scheduled to be admitted tmr after at 2 pm.

3 pm

Soon I was on the way back home in a cab.

23 Jan 07 Tues

2 pm

I was admitted today due to low water bag.. actually no major contractions so far, only braxtons hick. even gynae was impressed as he said baby was very due then (end of week 39). so in case of danger for the baby, he decided to put proastin in for me at 2 pm. Then I stayed in the delivery suite from 2 pm to 7 pm as they realize baby heartbeat dropped once and thus I was put under observation for 4 hours instead of the normal 2 hours.

7 pm

another proastin was put in. so I remained in the delivery suite.. cervix never dilate..

9 pm

went to ward to slp..

24 Jan 07 Wed

3 am

contractions started comin.. painful till I cant slp.. woke hubby up.. but he still continue to sleep -_-

6 am

anyway I am scheduled to go for another proastin (for the 3rd time!).. 8 am plus, cervix did not dilate.. then I went back to ward.. so I rolled and tossed and turned in the ward bed till 12 pm.. now contractions were so regular.. it lasted for about 1 min within every 3 min.. itz the moment.. I pressed the nurse call bell button.. told her I could not take it anymore.. gynae came and checked cervix.. *hooray* cervix dilated 1.5 cm.. he said, "ok, we go delivery suite, I will burst your water bag"

12.30 pm

In I went into the delivery suite, tears were rolling down my cheeks as the contractions were so unbearable.. jia lat.. I was so ready for epidural as gynae advised me (but I did not take).. then soon I lost count of the time as I was breathing thru with gas.. So I slipped in and out of soberness due to gas inhalation..

5 pm

I told the gynae that I feel like passing motion! gynae said, "ok throw your mask aside. its time for the big push! give u 15 min and baby should come out!". and of cos nearly squeezing my hubby's fingers off (love your baby), Isadore came out 20 min later.. and for a while everyone in the delivery suite was very worried as baby did not cry.. gynae then resusitated the baby for a while and the loudest wail was heard! *phew* then sudd gynae's hp rang.. so our cute Isadore stopped crying for a while that was like the most cutest moment of him.. then gynae explained to me that Isadore was not crying as his neck was twirled by the umbilical cord just before he came out.. Thank God!

6 pm+

so I rested in the delivery ward till dinner was served.. *yicks* at the same time, I started calling everyone close to inform that our little darling was out.. and their reactions were mostly "huh.. you just gave birth and you got the strength to call us?" haha.. anyway soon I left the delivery ward at 7 pm and I was wheeled back to the ward

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