Sunday, December 17, 2006

baby's receiving shawl..

after searching high and low for a receiving shawl for baby, this was the one that I had finally chosen for baby.. and I would say it was a good purchase as it only cost $16! cute right?

first gift from papa..

baby's first pressie from dear papa.. he said it was "love at first sight" hmm.. :D

washing baby clothes

I had since started washing baby clothes since some weeks ago.. wah.. using baby detergent is one good feeling as it smells good and it just reminds me that bao bei is coming out real soon! well.. here is one interesting picture dear baby's papa had taken..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

baby at week 32..

use a little of your imagination.. this ultrasound shows the face of my bao bei tilted at 45 degress, revealing a bit of his front chest.. hoho.. and did I say that I saw him yawning that day?
SO CUTE! bao bei ah bao bei.. pray hard for mummy to give birth to you thru natural birth ok? :D

gift from nic yi yi..

voila~ ah xiu.. here it is.. the ever cutest changing mat Nic yi yi had bought for baby on last monday from Mothercare..
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