Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the new list of to-buy-items

Haiyo.. me bored at home again cos my dear ah lao got exercise in camp so I come in kpo bloggin again :D oh well I rem I said in my previous blog that I will post a new list of to-buy-items right.. Alrightly.. here it is..

Sleeping items:
1. baby cot
2. baby pillow + bolster
3. blanket
4. waterproof mat
5. receiving shawl (those towel-like blanket used to wrap babies)

1. baby tub
2. non slip mat
3. soft face towels
4. bath towels
5. body shampoo + shower foam
6. baby oil
7. baby powder
8. nail clipper
9. comb / brush set (is this reli necessary? :D)
10. cotton buds

1. changing mat (ah xiu.. rem to buy the giraffe one we saw in Mothercare keke)
2. nappy liners
3. cloth diapers
4. safety pins for cloth diapers
5. plastic pants
6. disposable diapers
7. wet tissues
8. diaper rash cream
9. baby clothes detergent

1. short sleeve T-shirt
2. long sleeve button T-shirt
3. long pants
4. rompers (full body suits)
5. booties and mittens
6. shorts
7. sleep suits

1. sterilizer
2. milk bottles
3. bottle teats
4. milk powder
5. milk powder containers
6. thermo flask
7. pacifier with cover
8. bottle and nipple cleaning liquid
9. bottle and nipple cleaning brush

Breast feeding
1. breast pads
2. breast pump
3. breast feed milk bottles
4. cream
5. nursing bras and tops

*phew* this list is extracted then edited by yours truely. The original list can be found from http://www.gothemilkyway.com/pregnancy_whattobuy.asp and it is with compliments from one of my frd called Geraldine.. no doubt I don't see her often but really appreciate that she gave me this link as it really helps me alot..
but of course this list grows non-stop.. but I am quite contended in a way cos my other dear friend (a mother of 2) Christina had given me some of the bulk items such as the baby cot cum playpen, walker, tons of baby clothes and etc.. *salute* which in turns really helps me saves a lot.. so far *count fingers* I think I had already spent close to $700+ (including the hefty $429 pram) for baby liao.. hee.. actually I still have some items which I had short listed from Kiddy palace but waiting for ah lao's bonus to come end of the year :D

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Anonymous said...

Baby dun need a pillow. Buy a buckwheat pillow instead. Old folks will tell u its for Bb to slept in peace.

Some bath tub comes with non slip mat.Baby shampoo and soap can be 2 in 1. Comb and brush to rid the skin coming off the skull.

Forget abt napkins. Pampers does the same good job as cloth napkins. U wont save much taking the water and electricity into consideration.

The milk bottles for formula milk fits the breast milk bottles. Dun need to buy extras. Dun forget the milk storage bags.

I had total breast fed my bb for 8mths so I can tell you tat the storage bags comes in very useful. Use the manual pump to help u go thru ur engorgement after birth followed by the electrical pump when your milk flow is established.

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