Monday, November 13, 2006

MC~ again..

This morning I woke up with quite a bit of headache.. "a bout of miagrain again" I reckon.. So I happily sms-ed my boss and senior teacher that I cant go to work.. then I happily plotted my head back to bed... zzzz.. till 11 am plus when I woke up. Oh by the way, did I mention that my ah lao also did not go to work? haha.. oh well.. so the first thing I did after I wash up, I went to the GP at the next block.. *initially wanted to keng mc for one day*

So after a few minutes of talking with the GP, he kindly concluded that I might be at risk for pre-eclampsia.. so he got a little worried and told me to rest for two days.. *yeah* then he gave me this sheet of paper on how to prevent myself from further miagrain attacks.... woo.. if you had read, pre-eclampsia is something that is quite serious esp when I was detected with slight high BP and headaches incidents.. hmm.. anyway I am really taking care of myself.. don't get too worried ya.. *smile*

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