Tuesday, November 07, 2006

first gift from kit yi yi..

04 Nov 06 Satuday
went baby shopping with kit last sat and guess what? she bought the first gift for my bao bei.. here it is.. it was love at first sight.. for her.. *hiak*

and this is the photo of our honourable "Eyeore" before I will snip his hair away.. :D but I wun do it so fast yet.. wait for baby to come out first then snip. And I already told baby last sat that this present is from kit yi yi and he was all so excited as I used Eyeore to literally knock on my stomach and he responded by kicking back! So fun right.. haha.. well last sat I also bought nappy and nappy liners for him.. cheap I would say. Waiting for this weekend as it will be another "baby items shopping" for him again..

"Kiddy Palace here I come!"

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