Saturday, November 25, 2006

counting down..

Today marks a exact 2 months away from my EDD.. according to
I am suppose to start packing a bag which I will bring to the hospital during delivery period.. Well here are a list of things the webby had suggested me to bring..

  1. snacks to keep energy up and gum or mints for bad breath
  2. books or magazines
  3. nursing nightie or nursing bra
  4. a going home suit for baby
  5. a camera or camcorder

and on top on this list, I will also pack

  1. a pair of mittens and socks for baby
  2. a receiving shawl
  3. small hand towel for feeding or cleaning baby

hmm.. what else?


Anonymous said...

Yup.. Thats all u need

Other things such as $$$ lar, IC etc for registration, you hubby stuff if he is staying with you...

Congratz once again

Ray n Connie said...

Thanx nasi_lemak.. yup hubby is staying over..

Anonymous said...

nasi lemak is the Dad... hee

Yup. I stay with my wife throughout the whole night..

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