Wednesday, October 04, 2006

cranky mood..

Hmm people said being pregnant will set your mood swings.. It is very true cos today is one of the day I felt really cranky..

For some background information, my centre is currently down by two teachers as one got sent back to china due to work permit problem and another one had quitted. Well boss said to cut cost, he said it was UNNECESSARY to employ another two. Ok .. nvm.. LL work.. I try not to go one MC or take leave. But apparently others beg to differ.

Ok for a start to my cranky day, two teachers went on URGENT leave. One had to send the mother to hospital, another one had to go to the hospital. *blood boiling* nvm.. ok.. i swallow.. then morning first lesson of the day, my K1s had to irritate me so much that I "whack" them upside down. Do worksheets never do probably never mind.. chin cai anyhow do want to pass up. *arghhhhhhhh*

nvm! 11 am came and my K2 darlings came.. they were good and clever enuf to "sense" that something was wrong.. but STILL!! they had to play like monkeys in the class! *blood boiling further* fine.. So I tahan somemore.. ok time for lunch.. so they said they want to play, fine! then this irritating boy (R) had to eat his porridge as if it is poison and he happily cough and spilt on my dress.. so I "jumped' on him.. $%$%&$%#^^ so angry.. lucky he half day if no I sure peng on the spot. Then these K2 children happily played at the block corner. Noise level very high .. nvm.. I tahan somemore.. ask them to pack as they are goin for nap time.. again throw the soft blocks ALL OVER the place.. *messssssssssy* I tahan somemore.. go back to class, they had to climbed onto the shelf in the mattress cupboard to get the mattress and this other boy (JX) had to make some funny noise in the class.. *ok time for me to explode* I cannot tahan anymore.. I immediately made JX stand at a corner of the class.. then he "diao" me ok? Simply pissed me off.. I then told the class that they are goin to get punished for the rest of the week.. no play allowed after lunch for one week!

Finally.. most of them asleep now.. only left this talkative girl (Alt) making monkey faces at another girl (MT).. *roll eyes*.. give you all time to sleep, dun want to sleep then later complain very tired.. what do you all want?

people say being pregnant, we should try to maintain our cool and smile more. But frankly speaking, we are not saint ok? And usually these "people" who said those theories are not the in the teaching line so it is ALWAYS very easy to say. You try to put yourself in my shoes.. or count the number of "I tahan somemore" in my blog, you would really think I am tryin to keep my cool. But sometimes the kids are so irritating that they can make you explode.

ok decided! later not goin to teach.. no point.. if not my yelling wun stop. Tmr got mooncake festival celebration in school somemore, imagine we have to work 12 hours straight! next week I SURE take treat you all MC. *confirmed staff liao entitled to 14 days MC* neh neh.. :D

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sft said... are right. Those not in teaching line would never be able to understand the frustration. Be cool! People always said that pregnant mummy cannot be too emotional because it would have a direct effect on the baby. Must always learn to smile at your K1s or K2s. Imagine one day, yr baby would also be on the nerve of another teacher. Haa...haa...

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