Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New hair cut..

1 Sept 2006

Happy Teacher's Day to all! Wah.. it is off day for me today.. but it is considered a happening day me and baby as baby followed me around the island for a ride.. here is my agenda for the day:

0640 hrs
woke up and send darling to work..

0715 hrs
too bored and went for breakfast myself at Rivervall Mall Mac.. sms my friends like mad while having breakfast.. haha.. sounds mad? Ya..

0830 hrs
went home, took a nap, woke up 1130 hrs

1145 hrs
reach Tan Chong Toa Payoh, send the car for servicing.. blah blah and met up with Kylie for lunch

1335 hrs
collected ride, boredom kicked in and decided to go for a haircut. Called salon while driving

1425 hrs
reached salon at Bukit Batok and realize my ex colleague was there as well for a haircut. Good.. Chat with her while director cut and cut my hair.. shrugs.. very short haircut.

so what's your take?

1730 hrs
left salon and fetched darling from camp in Changi (yes.. very far) then we went for dinner at Loyang Point (zhu chao)..

2330 hrs

oh no.. time to zz.. so blady tired.. tmr still gotta work ..

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