Thursday, September 21, 2006

knicks and knacks of baby purchasing..

21 Sept 2006

Hiyo!! Wahaha.. been like two weeks since I last blogged? Well reli been caught up with work and more work.. But now very happy as I manage to loan my school's laptop back home.. supposedly to do my school work and send emails to parents and see what I am doin right now? keke..

oh actually my main reason for bloggin today is to ask around for you opinions on whether what I should buy for my baby. ok to start the ball rolling, one of my friend actually suggested the below items:

Must buy
1. diapers
2. baby powder
3. baby lotion
4. baby wipes
5. cot + mattress for the cot
6. drinking bottle + bottle nipples + washing brushes for the bottles
7. warmer carrier for milk bottles
8. detergent that is for washing babies' clothing
9. towels (depends)
10.nappy rash cream

Take hand-me down
1. car seat
2. pram
3. baby clothes including shoes and toys

Optional pacifier
1. pacificer

well so far I already owned these few items:
1. pram (just bought recently kaka.. )
2. milk bottle sterilizer (pass downed by a frd but it is brand new)
3. baby cot bumper

Hmmm.. then this afternoon my colleague just mentioned to me it might not be necessary to buy a baby cot cos can just the baby slp with me on my mattress while let ah lao sleep on the single mattress. she said it will help cut cost lor, and the other thing is that not all babies like to sleep in cots.. make sense to me cos the cot I bio-ed is $700+... wahhaha.. reli depends whether I might buy a cot as I personally feel that price is a factor too, first child doesn't mean can splurge hor.. Anyone wanna sponser? *cover mouth laff*

haha think by next month I will write another list of items so that you can choose what to buy.. wahaha.. alright.. time for shower then supper (fillet-o-fish).. woo ho..

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sft said...

hmm...have a interesting evening reading your blog! Good job! Keep it up...

For the cot, suggest that if you can get hand-me down, get it becos it is better to have yr baby to sleep in the cot. Good training since young. :D

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