Thursday, September 07, 2006

gluttony me on ah lao's birthday

04 Sept 2006

haiyo.. happy birthday my baby.. well datz what I call my ah lao by the way.. mushy? haha.. used to it liao lah.. datz y I told ah lao that next time I call baby hor then he and small baby sure turn together one.. :D

oh well.. today is a special day.. no actually present for ah lao cos I told him his best present is in my tummy liao and he totally agreed! Haha.. not a happening birthday celebration I would say but still at least we went to Swensens at Compasspoint for dinner.. GPGT so no worries..

Pasta Aglio Oglio with prawns.. *slurps*

the all famous Fish and Chips! wahah..

the all famous French fries too.. ah lao too hungry liao.. haha

woo hoo.. the guest of the night.. Hazelnut ice cream topped with melted mashmellows, wafer biscuits and chocolate wafer biscuit.. *saliva drip* kaka.. till the next post..

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