Monday, September 11, 2006

first visit to KKH..

11 Sept 2006 (part I)

hey.. today I am scheduled to go for my detail scanning for my baby at KKH. ya.. 8 am in the morning, can you imagine I woke up like 650am? Itz madness.. so after a short struggle with dreamland, I manage to wake up and of cos make ah lao wake up too.. as he gonna accompany me to KKH. Equipped with some kopi-o and tea, we soon head our way to KKH.

Upon reaching KKH, alas! I then realized I forgot my appointment book.. grr.. think I am just too stone :S anyway I still manage to do my scan.. ta dah.. here is one of the ultrasound that I got back.. oya.. in case you were wondering.. yes confirm my baby is a boy.. kaka.. *cover mouth giggle*

oh well so it was a long day.. so soon after the detail scan and the talk with the doctor, we hung around KKH for a while as we also went to sign up for an antenatal class and had a talk with the counsellor for the delivery adminstration. Phew~ antenatal class cost $150 (eyes big) for 9 sessions of 90 min each, and we had since decided to opt for B1 Premier Package for my delivery (average bill of $2880 for a normal 3 days stay).. figures and figures.. it just makes my head spin.. not to mention that I ALREADY spent $100+ for the visit to the doc today (scan fee = $70+, see doc talk for 10 min = $50+ and medicine cost $50+)... argh.. and yes... the carpark entrance also very ex.. we parked for about 4 hrs and it cost $7.20! no wonder KKH very rich.. hmm.. what to do..

anyway here are some pics of KKH..

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